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What there is to know about luxury vinyl:


Affordable opulence

You’ll never think of vinyl floors the same way again! Luxury vinyl floors (LVF) have a high-end look and are waterproof, durable, easy to maintain, and uncomplicated to install. The waterproof capabilities make these floors ideal for the kitchen, bath, or laundry room, but the style makes them the perfect choice for any room in the house. Make sure you get true LVF, though. To be sure you get the best, read on.

Sophisticated style, unbelievable savings

This is a remarkably realistic echo of wood, tile, or stone, available in an almost unlimited number of colors, patterns, and designs. Images are taken with 3D photography and printed digitally. People will have difficulty discerning LVF from the real thing, what with the knots, grains, swirls, and color/veining variations. It’s also deeply embossed to add depth, dimension, and textured appearances such as wire-brushed, hands scraped, weathered, and distressed.

LVF styles follow all the industry trends, whether it is a gray or whitewashed wood floor or a travertine or marble one. Textures are also big this year, and the material addresses that trend as well. To add to the realism, LVF can be cut into planks to mimic hardwood boards or square, groutable tile-sized pieces.


When standard vinyl was introduced to the US market decades ago, one of the benefits for which it was highly praised is durability. As it evolved, it became even more so. LVF, to be the true material, should have a thickness of at least 8-mm or 9-mm, but you can go even higher. The product has a top clear melamine layer that protects the floors from scratches and scuffs measured in mils. That number should be at least 20.

It’s also easy to care for with just a daily sweeping and periodic mopping needed. Installation can be a fast and uncomplicated floating floor. The pieces click together, then hover over the subfloor with no nails or glue required. Subfloors need only be clean, dry, and level.

Let us show you how luxury vinyl flooring can be the perfect complement to your home’s design. We’ve been in the flooring industry for over 50 years, and we’ve never seen anything like it! Visit the Conway Flooring & Design showroom in Conway, AR, especially if you live in Conway, AR, Menifee, AR, Mayflower, AR, or Greenbrier, AR. We will give you a free estimate on your next luxury vinyl flooring project.