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Choosing the right carpet style for your home

When you're shopping for carpet in Conway, AR, it's important to understand pile, fiber, and texture because they all work together to determine the style. There's so much from which to choose that the selection can become a little overwhelming, but the right one can be an excellent investment. At Conway Flooring & Design, we're hoping this guide makes the selection process a little less complicated.

A short dictionary of terms

Fiber means the yarn, basically the carpet itself. There are both natural and synthetic, and what you decide on will be determined by your needs and budget. Wool is the most common natural; it's beautiful, very plush, and white. Depending on the style, synthetics can be soft and, in general, they are more resistant to stains. These include; nylon known for its strength, polyester with superior inherent stain resistance, olefin (polypropylene), budget-friendly, and triexta with extreme strength and permanent stain resistance built into the fiber.

Cut pile refers to the cropping of fibers in varying lengths. You have a high pile with long, loose fibers like the shag or frieze or a low pile where fibers are short and tightly woven, such as the Berber. The iconic Saxony, what most people automatically think of when they think of carpet floors, is neither high nor low. It comes in two versions: a plush, velvety texture, and a patterned one. As for texture, that depends mainly upon the style and whether the fibers are looped, cut, or twisted.
  • Is one pile better than the other? Answer: It comes down to how to plan to use your carpet flooring and whether the room is a busy, high foot trafficked one or a relatively quiet area, like the bedroom. A short pile rug is easier to clean and also a little more durable because they keep the dirt, the very thing that can cut and fray fibers, from embedding. That's why you often see these rugs in commercial installations.

  • Question: Is thicker better? Answer: No. What determines the quality of a rug is density and twist, not weight. Density indicates how closely together the fibers are woven. Twist, which is relevant only to high pile rugs, signifies how many times a fiber is wrapped per an inch length. The label will read: "Twist number," and a number will follow it from one to six—the higher the number, the more durable. As a point of interest, the frieze has a twist number of 8.

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