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Showers and backsplashes: two important design tools

The bathroom might be a tiny area, but it's also a multi-function space. The bath also sets the entire house's tone, so it has to be aesthetically appealing and functional. Not so long ago, the backsplash served mainly a functional purpose; it was about six inches behind the sink or range to catch splatters and make cleaning easier. Backsplashes today can be as big as floor-to-ceiling or wrap around open storage shelves, counters and windows. Coordinating with kitchen cabinets and countertops, the backsplash becomes a stunning focal point.

Why custom showers?

The shower is a main component of the bath, and it's more important than ever today, especially now that people are too busy to sit in tubs. Many are now foregoing the tub altogether to create an oversized shower! There are four components to consider: One is the shower head, and options range from the standard wall head to "rain from the ceiling" to hand-held, etc.

As for enclosures, do you want glass doors, partial ones, or do you want to skip it entirely, like the European showers? Do you want a step? Not only can that be a safety issue, but it does have a beautiful look. Think of the wall; these days, you can get the tile in an almost unlimited number of colors, patterns, designs, shapes, and sizes, many of which can be mixed and matched. Finally, do you want accessories, such as a storage nook or bench?
Custom Showers & Backsplashes in Conway, AR from Conway Flooring & Design

What material for backsplashes?

They can be made of almost anything, but a tile backsplash is still the most popular. It's highly designed, durable, easy to clean, and, since you can mix and match, you can create various price points to make it affordable. Most are familiar with subway tiles, those 3 X 6 oblong pieces that were once all white. Now they come in a broad color palette and all shapes and sizes. Other choices are laminate, stone (marble, granite, quartz, limestone, soapstone, etc.), onyx, gemstone, glass, mirrors, metal, porcelain, and wood.

Remember, the bathroom is your place to relax and a place for a few moments of solitude, while you can think of the backsplash as a blank canvas for your design to come alive. Our experts will be happy to discuss your project. You'll learn everything about custom showers & custom backsplashes, and we will give you your free estimate when you visit us.